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Save time with all-in-one purchase order software

Everyone needs to restock, but too often this is a manual and time-consuming process. inFlow inventory software knows which products you have, how many are on the shelf, in transit, and—well, you get the picture.


You can tell inFlow what “low stock” means to your business and receive reminders to reorder ahead of time. You’ll have full control over when to reorder, how to reorder (transfer, purchase order, or assembly), and where the products should be received.


inFlow also understands the physical work of receiving products, so your procurement team will use the same app as your warehouse team. And excellent mobile support means your staff can stay productive, whether they’re at their desks or on-the-move.


Last but not least, you’ll also cut down on double entry. All of your product costs are recorded with each transaction, and you can push financials automatically to QuickBooks Online. This is how an all-in-one purchase order system is supposed to work.

Inventory control
Cost tracking
Accounting integration

Purchase order management software that puts you in control.

Choose when to restock 

Each product you carry has a different “low stock” point—some products are large or expensive and sit around for a few weeks, while other cheaper products fly off the shelves. Use inFlow’s reorder points to define what you think is low stock, and reorder quantities to show how much to reorder at a time.

Choose where to reorder

Managing inventory across multiple locations can complicate reordering. That’s why inFlow’s reorder points are location-specific. You’ll know which locations are running low on stock (thanks, reorder points) and have all of the details pre-filled, so you can get the right amount of product to the right place.

Choose how to restock

Along with reorder points and locations, inFlow also gives you control over how to restock. If you have a satellite location that reorders from a main warehouse, you could use a stock transfer instead of a purchase order. Or if you need to assemble product instead of purchasing it, you can restock by requesting a work order.

Choose where to work

Small inventory tasks can often get overlooked because you need to be back at the office PC to get them done. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Create orders, email vendors, scan barcodes, and more—from any PC, Mac or mobile device. So you can work from wherever you need to, not just where the computer is.

Record costs automatically

You’ll save time on every order with inFlow’s built-in cost tracking. Each time you receive product using inFlow’s purchase order software, you can automatically break down the unit price using a moving average, FIFO, or LIFO. This means you’ll always have an accurate product cost, even as your vendor’s prices change over time.

Eliminate double entry and connect to QuickBooks Online 

Connect inFlow to QuickBooks and you can say goodbye to the days of manually entering orders into purchase order software and then sending those same orders to your accountant.

Your product costs and cost of goods sold (COGS) are recorded on each purchase and sale in inFlow. You can automatically push that financial data directly to QuickBooks Online to save your business (and your accountants) time on every transaction.

inFlow helps you prioritize purchasing, properly

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