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    • Replying to: CRV Taxes

      Some States including California charge a Can or Bottle tax on Drinks known as California Redemption Value or CRV tax. Our vendors charge us these CRV taxes. These taxes are not based on percentages, but …

      Your reply:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting again and for outlining exactly what’s going on each time. You’re entirely right about being able to do taxes as flat amounts rather than percentages would be a super useful feature to help with situations like this.

      You could add it as a a service item and that was have the cost come out of your overall profits if you inputted it on a Purchase Order, or if you had it on a Sales Order you could have it add directly onto the customers invoice as a price.

      I understand this isn’t perfect and I’ve brought your feedback to our development team to discuss the possibility of adding this in the future and I promise I’ll keep you updated as we move forward.

      Thanks again for bringing everything up!

      Replying to: UoM Pricing for Purchase Orders

      When adding new products or changing product prices, it should derive the UoM cost of each based on the purchasing UoM cost. I.E. I purchase a box (UoM Cases) of Snickers Candy bars and resell them …

      Your reply:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting and outlining the issue you’re having with how UoM’s calculate cost for your goods.

      I think the confusion here is derived from the different price/cost fields in the program and where they pull their information from. The key will be to make sure that your Vendor Prices are inputted for your products along with the Purchasing UoM so that inFlow will know what info to pull.

      The program should be able to spread out the cost of a case on a PO over each individual unit as you outlined. If it’s not working out there could be something in the way your costs or costing scheme is setup that’s causing this and feel free to post some screenshots or other info about how it’s working or reach out to us from any of the ways on our contact us page here and we’ll do our best to help.

      Thanks again for bringing this up and providing such good context!

      Replying to: Mobile Companion P.O. + S.O.

      I am requesting that we get the abilities of being able to make Purchase Orders and Sales Orders via the mobile companion app. We have a small warehouse that travels and we'd like to have …

      Your reply:

      Hi there,

      Great suggestion about adding a depth of features to our Mobile Companion app. We’re right there with you and this is one of our highest priorities!

      Is there anything specific within these two major features that you need above everything else or any particular workflow function, such as picking or receiving, that you prioritize?

      I’d love to hear your feedback on what matters to you so we can know how to prioritize our development.

      Thanks for posting!

      Replying to: Showroom – Categories to display on the index in full

      Showroom * You have recently added categories to display on the index of the showroom and on individual items, on the index you only get the final sub-category to display however the individual items display the …

      Your reply:

      Hi Lance,

      Thanks for posting and I can see why this could be an issue for you for organizing your stock. We did do this consciously as we wanted to be consistent with how the categories are displayed in inFlow’s desktop Client.

      We didn’t want to overload the list page with all of the categories as there is no limit to the amount of sub categories that inFlow can handle and it wasn’t possible to design a display for this.

      I’m really sorry that this setup doesn’t work well for you and the full category list is available on the product info page itself. I hope this clears things up a bit!

      Thanks again for all the suggestions!

      Replying to: P.O.# Export to QuickBooks

      Why doesn't the P.O # get synchronised with QuickBooks? That is probably the most important detail when sending an invoice out. When we send an invoice direct from Inflow the PO number is included, however …

      Your reply:

      Hi Pat,

      Thanks for posting and I completely see why bringing PO #’s into QBO would be a great help to you. Unfortunately PO #s and other User defined fields aren’t defaulted into QBO’s Sales feature. These are all optional fields, the same way that custom fields are in inFlow. Including optional syncs like this are tricky in integrations and it’s why we’ve stayed away from it so far.

      I have brought the feedback to my development team and we are looking to deepen this integration as well as our other integrations in the future.

      I hope this adds a bit of context to it and I will keep you updated as we move forward with this feature!

      Thanks again!

      Replying to: inFlow Tips and Tricks Contest!

      Hi everyone and welcome to the inFlow community! We’re super excited to have you here and we wanted to start things off with a bang! To get the ball rolling we’re having a contest …

      Your reply:

      Hi Tyler,

      Thanks so much for posting again and good call on the deactivated items. We designed it to do exactly that!

      We wanted people to still have access to their items and still be able to generate any reports they might need for them but to not be cluttered up with the items on their day to day searches.

      You can also still see the items on your Current Stock page if you still have stock! Useful for going over inventory but not mistakenly selling them.

      Replying to: Remarks in the showroom no line spacing?

      Remarks in the showroom don't show line spacing as displayed in the desktop client. Can this be added?

      Your reply:


      Good catch on this! We’ve got this one logged and it should be coming soon into Showroom! I can’t guarantee an exact timeframe but you’re entirely right it should work like desktop and we’ll have it sorted out as fast as we can!

      Thanks for all of these Lance, really solid feedback for the Showroom!

      Replying to: Showroom – optional display of the Vendor and Vendor Sku?

      * Showroom could do with an optional display of the Vendor and Vendor Sku, clients such as RMIT that are organisations using your system to display products in stock to students and researchers have specified …

      Your reply:

      Hey again,

      Thanks for mentioning the addition of Vendor Sku and more Vendor information. The remarks field would work to have the information you need but I did also want to recommend using Custom fields.

      It would be doubling up of the information again but it could serve as a good way to be able to show the information in a clearer way and leave the remarks field for other uses.

      I’ve brought this request to our development team as we are looking to expand on Showroom in the future. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we bring more showroom features in!

      Replying to: Inflow Desktop Client – search field

      Inflow Desktop Client * The search field is dynamic when viewing individual products but static for “Current Stock”, the static search field is difficult to use. Could we make both search fields dynamic?

      Your reply:

      Hi Lance,

      Great point! I was just comparing the two searches and I can completely see how it would be better to have a dynamic search in the Current Stock page. It would definitely make searching for items considerably quicker and more effective.

      I can’t guarantee that adding this would be possible, stock levels are stored in a different way than item lists within the database. But I do appreciate the idea and I can totally see the usefulness.

      I’ve taken the idea to my devs and I promise I’ll keep you updated as we move forward. Thanks again for bringing it up!

      Replying to: Lock up already fullfilled Sales orders

      I just think it could be useful, if fulfilled SO or PO 's could be locked for editing. It must prevent accidentally or by mistake to change any data.

      Your reply:

      Hey there!

      Great idea! We had this request a number of times in the past and we’ve included locking past orders to Only admins in inFlow Cloud!

      I’ve attached our guide to the feature here that goes over what you’re able to lock and how!

      If you have any questions about how it works or moving to cloud feel free to respond here or reach out to us at

      Replying to: Drag and Drop Attachmnets in On-Prem

      The process of manually adding attachments to an order within InFlow is very tedious and time consuming. We would love to see drag and drop functionality be added the On-Prem instance.

      Your reply:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting! I’ve gone through the process just now and I can see the tediousness of it. It’s a few too many steps to take to add it in.

      I’ve reached out to our dev team and adding a simpler drag and drop process is something we’re considering going forward. I do want to say that unfortunately it would be coming into Cloud and not On-Premise since we moved our development to Cloud last year.

      I’m sorry about the lack of features coming to On-Premise and I will keep you updated if we’re able to include this feature in Cloud. Feel free to reach out to us directly at to talk about moving to Cloud!

      Replying to: Added pictures into the new parts secttion.

      It would be a good idea that the photo's you can add to the new part section from the parts you purchase would have a direct link to your supplyer ....or not ? So in …

      Your reply:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting! I appreciate you reaching out. I wanted to get some clarification as to what solution would work for you.

      When you added a new product, would you be looking to add a link to your vendors website as the picture? Or specifically to a part of the program with your Vendor information in it? Would it be useful to add a re-order button right there on the product page?

      I’d love to hear more about what you think and what you would find useful! Feel free to reply here or reach out to us directly at


      HI there, can one set up an management approval on items before they can be ordered.

      Your reply:

      Hi there!

      Thanks for posting and I appreciate you asking for an approval process within inFlow. Currently there isn’t a way to do so and we know this is a gap in the program. We’re looking to improve on this feature as well as how team works together overall.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts of what parts of the Orders would need to be approved. Would it be only for requesting? Or also payment and receiving of the items? If you have anything more to share feel free to reach out here or email us at

      Replying to: Suggestion for API

      In order for developers to integrate a fulfillment system and eCommerce websites we suggest that an API that we could access for inflow on would be the next best thing that you guys could offer. …

      Your reply:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for posting and you’re entirely right about the benefits of providing an API for inFlow Cloud. Right now, inFlow Cloud is still going through a lot of changes in its foundations as we’re still only in its second public year. So for that reason we’re starting by building a few integrations of our own first to put it through its paces and we may consider releasing a public API down the road.

      Until that part of the system is more built out, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a reliable API because the guts would shift so much it would be breaking everyone’s personalized integrations. And that’s a terrible experience for our customers.

      So while it’s painful to say no, we feel it’s important enough to take our time with.

      Replying to: Xero integration

      On a previous forum there has been requests for Xero integration going back many years with replies to say "we are looking into this", or similar. We would very much like to be able to integrate …

      Your reply:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and I appreciate you outlining the history of this. I’m sorry about our lack of a Xero integration and we truly have been considering it and it is on our roadmap for the future.

      We would also love to release an API so that we could offer the ability for our customers to make their own integration. Right now we’re constantly changing the foundations of Cloud to improve the program and we couldn’t guarantee the stability of any integrations. This isn’t the experience we want for anyone and so for now it’s something we can’t do.

      We will be putting more development into our integrations, I wanted to get an idea of what you need from a Xero integration. Would Sales information be enough or you would need Purchasing? Are you looking to integrate inventory as well?

      I’d love to hear back from you either here or you can email us at and thanks again for posting!

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